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Floral City Heritage Hall Museum “Country Store” had a face lift recently and is now open from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. every Friday and Saturday. Heritage Hall is located in the Floral City Town Center on Orange Avenue, one block east of U.S. Hwy. 41.

The purpose of most museum stores is to raise funds for the museum and its exhibits and to further the knowledge and appreciation of the history and heritage of the area it serves. Read more.

8394 E Orange Ave
Floral City, Florida 34436
in Floral City Town Center
Hours: Fri & Sat 10am-2pm

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A NEW FLORAL CITY HISTORY BOOK ON SALE NOW! Books are available at the Floral City Heritage Museum store weekly on any Friday or Saturday from 10am to 2pm, priced at $21.99

The museum and store is located at 8394 E Orange Ave., that's two blocks east of the U.S. Hwy. 41 traffic light in downtown Floral City.
This is a 128-page photo-history book with over 200 historic photos of Floral City, many never before seen in public. A book such as this makes a wonderful gift, so please visit the museum store during regular hours, 10am to 2pm every Friday and Saturday, and pick up a copy.


The Ferris Years:

From Ferris Wheels & Citrus Groves to Livestock & Berry Fields

Back by popular demand, this exhibit traces the history of Ferris Groves from the arrival Of "Doc" Ferris in Floral City in the 1920s to the present-day ownership of of the grove property by Ferris Farms.

Doc Ferris was the P.T Barnum of Floral City and Citrus County, Florida, and his promotional abilities from the 1930s into the mid 1970s did much to put the small town of Floral City in the national spotlight. His iconic fruit stand still stands today as a landmark along U.S. highway 41, and still offers the delicious hand-squeezed, cold orange juice that countless passers-by have enjoyed all these years. In addition, during the strawberry season, you can enjoy a strawberry milkshake, made from fresh berries direct from the farm.

The story of this remarkable enterprise is told in 14 panels, 3 feet by 6 feet tall, packed with wonderful historic photos, text and quotes from the man himself. Be sure to stop by our museum and see this outstanding collection of memorabilia and history.

ALSO: Our Pineola train wreck exhibit is still on display, due to popular request. This exhibits chronicles the human drama that unfolds as two station agents for the Atlantic Coast Line railroad attempt to stop two speeding freight trains headed toward each other. Please stop by and see for yourself the end of the story.

NEW: We have introduced a new feature in our museum, a 50-inch, flat screen TV for photo viewing. Stop by and see the slide show of colorful "Floral City Scenes" photos. They offer a good representation of what the area around our community looks like.

While you're in our museum don't miss the opportunity to visit our COUNTRY STORE for unique gift ideas. See our Country Store page for more details



Visit Our Museum
8394 E Orange Ave
Floral City, Florida 34436
in Floral City Town Center
Hours: Fri & Sat 10am-2pm

The Floral City Heritage Council serves as an advocate for Florida historic preservation and presents and supports Florida folk-life programs. Established in September 1992 as a local branch of the Citrus County Historical Society we support and promote the Society's mission to preserve and further the knowledge of the history and pre-history of Citrus County, Florida and nearby areas.